Mavic Wintech HS Computer

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Published on Friday, 30 December 2011 19:27
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Ok so you have the ultra-light 15 pound bike. The 200 dollar matching team jersey. A pair of shorts that cost more than most people's bikes. Why is it you still have a computer that has to be zip-tied to the frame? Mavic should drop the proverbial mic after creating the Wintech system. How is it that anyone is still using the old zip-tie system after seeing this? Granted last yeah there were some moisture issues but those are supposed to be sorted out. In addition the 2010 series has USB logging which the 2009 Wintechs did not.


Mavic Wintech Computer HR
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To start, you pick either the base Wintech or the Alti, HR, or Ultimate. The Alti has a built in altimeter, the HR is the heart rate version, and the Ultimate has both the heart rate function as well as altimeter. All the computers can support any of the available Wintech cadence sensors. After you pick your computer you decide on the mounting system which has to be ordered separate. Mavic has the e-skewer system which replaced your skewer.  The e-bolt system, which is inappropriately named as it actually replaces a nut not a bolt. Last there is a traditional mounting option, parish the thought.


Mavic 2010 e-bolt wintech computer
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Mounted the computer sits ~1" in front of the bars centered on the stem. The bracket is very robust, I can lift my bike by it, but I still wish it was symmetric. Once mounted the computer showed no signs of wanting to slip or creap. Included with the kit are shims to allow mounting to all three bar diameters.


Wintech HR 2010 Mounted To Deda Bars
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The sensor mounts very easy and has no issue I could find with either mountain bike shocks or any road forms including aero forks. The wheel magnet did however have a little trouble securing on my DT Swiss aero spokes. In the end I actually ended up ditching the Mavic wheel magnet and using a Cateye magnet.


e-bolt on 2010 Mavic HR ultimate speedometer
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So far I have no complaints about this system. With support for 3 bikes, 4 current display functions, the abality to customize the screen, and set up from a PC whats not to like? Will the 2010 Wintech prove to be more robust that the 2009 version? If so the computers wars are over...... atleast for now.