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From Ft. Walton

North on 85 until you come into Niceville. Howell Road is the last left you can make before the light. Turn onto Howell. Alpine Bicycles is the second parking lot on the left.

From Valparaiso/Eglin AFB

Head North on John Sims Parkway until you reach the 85 South intersection. Make a left at the light onto 85. Immediately get in the right lane and make the first right onto Howell Road. Alpine Bicycles is the second parking lot on the left.

From Destin/Niceville

Take highway 98 east until you reach Legendary Drive. Turn left onto Legendary eventually going over Midbay Bridge ($2 Toll). Continue North on White Point Road. At the State Route 20 intersection make a left. Continue West on 20 passing the 85 North cut off and onto John Sims Parkway. Make your way into the right most lane and merge onto 85 South. Make the First right after getting onto 85 South onto Howell Road. Alpine Bicycles is the second parking lot on the left.


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Prologo Scratch Ti Saddle

Prologo/Velo has long been known for some of the best saddles on the market. More recently we seem to see them more and more along the tours. While some of their ultra light Nack saddles are a weight weenies dream, they are not the most condusive to long hours in the saddle. Based on shape, I really wanted a Prologo saddle but was not sure which. After a little shopping aorund I took the plunge and went with the Scratch Pro. With a progressivly softer core as you move foward and a great shape, this seemed to be the perfect saddle for this project and reasonable light at a claimed 211 grams.

Prologo Scratch Pro titanium Ti saddle
Click For Larger Image

Like other parts in this build the saddle came in way over the claimed weight. At 253 grams the Scratch Pro is almost 20% over the claimed weight of 211 grams. This is not a "heavy" saddle but it is by no means light.

Prologo velo saddle scratch ti 1.4 weight
Click For Larger Image

What's interesting is the rail systems Prologo uses.  Their NACK rails are an alloy filament reinforced graphite vectran composite. Personally I would not recommend this system for anyone other that professional racers and only the lightest recreational riders. Next is their Ti 1.4 which sounds like it's basically Nitinol or some other  nickel titanium blend. Their Ti 2.0 Chromo-Molibdeno is a sort of mystery. From what I can tell the name is a little misleading as it contains no titanium. Based on the physical properties if I had to guess, I would say "Chromo-Molibdeno" is closely related to a 41 series chromoly like 4142. Last is their "Full Titanium" rail. Again this is a little misleading as the material is actually an alloy not pure titanium. Based on the hardness and physical properties probably something like 3al-2.5v. What's interesting is Prologo rates all their rails by HRC (Hardness) not density.