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From Ft. Walton

North on 85 until you come into Niceville. Howell Road is the last left you can make before the light. Turn onto Howell. Alpine Bicycles is the second parking lot on the left.

From Valparaiso/Eglin AFB

Head North on John Sims Parkway until you reach the 85 South intersection. Make a left at the light onto 85. Immediately get in the right lane and make the first right onto Howell Road. Alpine Bicycles is the second parking lot on the left.

From Destin/Niceville

Take highway 98 east until you reach Legendary Drive. Turn left onto Legendary eventually going over Midbay Bridge ($2 Toll). Continue North on White Point Road. At the State Route 20 intersection make a left. Continue West on 20 passing the 85 North cut off and onto John Sims Parkway. Make your way into the right most lane and merge onto 85 South. Make the First right after getting onto 85 South onto Howell Road. Alpine Bicycles is the second parking lot on the left.


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Deda Elementi Zero100 Servizio Corse Seatpost

As with all the Deda products we have reviewed so far, the finish on this piece was flawless. All the casting marks were sanded out before finishing giving the seat post a smooth sleek look and feel. The setback is done gracefully with no awkward welds or angles that not only look bad but are also potential spots for failure. The clamp is a simple to adjust and very secure design. While a few grams could have been saved with a different system, the security and ease of adjustment far out weight the negligible increase in weight.

Deda Zero100 31.6 Seatpost 27.2
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At 246 grams this is no lightweight. It is actually 40 grams heavier than claimed, but giving Deda the benifit of the doubt we can pretend the claimed weight was for a different diameter seatpost. Despite the weight, I still feel this is a great seatpost for any heavier rider looking for a setback post.

Deda seatpost weight
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Over all I would recommend this seatpost to any heavier rider looking for a very stiff setback or of course anyone looking to match their seatpost and stem for aesthetic reasons. For lighter riders looking to round out a Deda build I would suggest looking into the Drittissimo seatpost which is over 100grams lighter. If you are in the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area feel free to stop by Alpine Bikes so we can better discuss any questions or comments you have about this or any other bicycle component.

Easton EC90 Aero Fork

The EC90 SLX has been a center piece of light weight bike builds for years. At 325 grams it just did not offer the stiffness we were looking for. The obvious solution would be the EC90 SL. After considering the pros and cons we opted for the EC90 Aero. At 10% heavier than the SL it is even stiffer and has a slight aero advantage. The uncut fork tipped the scales at 404 grams with all the hardware.

Easton EC90 Aero SLX
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After using the Beartrap system for a number of years, Eastern now uses the ITT system. ITT or,  Internal Thread Technology, consists of threads cut directly into an epoxy liner that is installed in the steerer. Both stronger and lighter than previous systems, the ITT system also increases stiffness of the entire fork.

ITT threaded steerer tube
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Shown above are the internal threads of the steerer on an ITT fork. Below is the topp cap and bolt threaded ontop the ITT anchor.

Compression top
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The anchor is screwed in with a hex key once the steer tube is cut to length. Once installed a rubber o-ring keeps water from entering the steerer. With the anchor installed a standard bolt and top cap can be used. While this system is leaps and bounds in front of previous systems, we can still see room for improvement. Easton could at a later date introduce a stem/fork combo that were keyed to each other and completely removed the need for stem bolts utilizing the top cap as a retention method.

Carbon fiber drop outs
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